Persuasive Letter Presentation

Students in the sixth-grade writing classes of Ms. Corush/Eiter, Ms. Malec, Ms. Prahl and Ms. Wright are developing persuasive writing skills. Pretending to be the Vernon Hills Chief of Police, they wrote letters to the Vernon Hills Village President asking him to add a canine unit.  Vernon Hills had a canine unit in the past. The students used logical arguments to drive home their points. On May 29, Vernon Hills Village President Roger Byrne, Chief of Police Patrick Kreis and School Resource Officer Jon Paret came to Middle School South to provide feedback on the letters. Village President Byrne told the students that he would not be adding a canine unit at this time since there are 20 canine units in the county and the Village can borrow a unit when needed. Chief of Police Kreis congratulated the students on their strong writing skills. Having Officer Paret was a real treat since he was one of the first Vernon Hills police officers to have a canine in the police force.