This year’s Scholastic Book Fair will run on Friday, 11/22 during the school day, Monday, 11/25 from 8:00-8:00, and Tuesday, 11/23 from 8:00-10:00.
*NEW* this year, parents will be able to set up an e-wallet for their children to use at the book fair; this has worked well at other schools in getting students to the fair to find a book they will love. To set this up, go to and scroll down to the “Go Cash Free” green section and click “Get Started”.
You can also use the link above to volunteer for the Scholastic Book Fair or to order books online with your child if you will be out of town or just want to see the books available at the fair.
At the fair, there will be a list of books that teachers are requesting for their classroom libraries. Please consider donating money towards that or purchasing books on their lists.