Congratulations to the following Band, Orchestra, & Chorus students on their results from the Solo and Ensemble Competition on Saturday, February 9. The experience of participating in, and preparing for this event is very powerful in its ability to motivate and encourage students to excel.

[tab_item title=”Band”]

Solos-Division I+ (Perfect score)

Bobby B. – Tuba

Solos-Division I

Anokhi M.

Nikki M.

Samantha W.

Tyler H.

Aidan A.

Juli T.

Bobby B. – Piano

James H.

Andrew K.

Kishore I.

Matt K.

Spencer M.

Pavani P.

Cindy Z.

Jacob F.

Samantha K.

Avi L.

Gabriella M.

Drake D.

Bobby B. – Vocal

Ryan P.

 Solos-Division II

Hannah F.

Drake D.

 Duets – Division I

Youngseo O., Julia P.

Rebecca B., Samantha W.

Andrew K., Alex O.

Drake D., Bobby B.

Cindy Z., Grace H.

Samantha K., Sydney K.

Timothy K., Matt G.

Juli T., Sydney K.

Jack B., Leo B.

Duets – Division II

Jacqueline Z., Ryan P.,

Alex O., Alex F.

Trio – Division I

Juli T., Samantha K., Sydney K


[tab_item title=”Orchestra”]

Solos – Division I+ (Perfect score)

 Teddy C.

Sophie C.

Adam L.

Tim L. (7th)

Tim L. (8th)

Reuben P.

 Solos – Division I

 Ibrahim B

Chloe C.

Crystal D.

Ryan K.

Taetto K.

Zach Q.

Shvetali T.

Solos – Division II

 Drew L.

Collin T.

Ensemble – Division I+ Perfect score

 Tim L., Ryan K., Adam L.

Ensemble – Division I

 Caroline L., Gloria Y.,

Sharon W., Aparajitha A.,

Ariana A., Cassidy R.,

Rachel L., Sneha A.,

Alex B., Taetto K.,

Sophie C., Felicia E.

Ensemble – Division II

 Ravi G., Shane W., Steven T., Justin K.


[tab_item title=”Chorus”]

Solos-Division I+ (Perfect score)

Dylan C.

Bobby B.

 Solos-Division I

 Drew L.

Emily M.

Mia M.

Skylar T.

Ensemble-Division I

 Ada K., Arika K.

Ensemble-Division II

 Cindy U., Emily J.,

Nicole M., Allison C., Dylan C., Skylar T., Mia M.