Mental Health Awareness Month Logo
With MAP testing around the corner and May being Mental Health Awareness Month, Student Council is hosting a Hawthorn Is Healthy Week. Here are the activities for each day:

Monday 5/14: Healthy Tips
Student Council will be posting healthy tips throughout the school.

Tuesday 5/15: Inspirational Posters Day
Homerooms will be making posters showcasing inspirational quotes. The posters will be hung around the building.

  • 6th Grade: Positive Self Image Quotes
  • 7th Grade: Kindness Towards Others Quotes
  • 8th Grade: Finishing the Year Strong

Wednesday 5/16: Relaxation Homeroom
Student Council will be sending out a video promoting relaxation and meditation to be watched during homeroom on this day.

Thursday 5/17: Spreading Positive Words
Student Council will be placing positive messages on each locker.

Friday 5/18: Wear Green for Mental Health Awareness Month