heart monitors

What do you think happens when students exercise prior to math and reading classes? They do better in their classes. A high school in Naperville found that students performing below grade level in reading and math made significant improvements in these classes after they participated in Learning Readiness Physical Education (LRPE). LRPE was designed based on research indicating that students who are physically active are more academically alert and experience growth in brain cells or enhancement in brain development. Data consistently show that since the inception of the program, students who participated in LRPE increased their literacy and math capabilities.

PE instructors have brought the Naperville program to Middle School South. During gym, students are asked to perform up to 20 minutes of cardiovascular activity within their target zones. They wear heart monitors so that the instructors can see where the students are at in terms of meeting their goals.  The students that attend math or reading classes following PE have grown more on standardized tests compared to students without LRPE. The instructors are continuing to track these students and monitor their growth. At risk students are the focus. LRPE scheduling changes for the 2018-2019 year are already in the works.