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Why Volunteer?

Being a volunteer or mentor is mutually beneficial for all. There are a variety of reasons why people volunteer but the primary motivation is helping others. It’s also true that volunteers benefit from giving of themselves during volunteer work. Think of volunteer work as collaboration that supports the progress of learning, social development and emotional connectedness.

Volunteering in a school setting gives people an opportunity to build bridges between home, school and the community in a variety of meaningful ways. Please complete the Volunteer Application Form if you are interested in volunteering at Hawthorn District 73.

Here are some specific ways you can help:

  • Reading with students
  • Sharing knowledge and skills
  • Supporting social and emotional development
  • Connecting with students of all ages Kindergarten through 8th grade
  • Creating new experiences
  • Making a difference in someone’s life
  • Small group reading
  • Reading to a class
  • Small group math
  • Teacher preparation
  • Recess/Lunch assistance
  • Science Olympiad
  • PTO Parties
  • Family Fun Nights
  • Field Trips
  • Field Days
  • PE classes (Skating, climbing units)