Amanda Bourn

The work of Middle School South teacher Amanda Bourn is in the spotlight this month. MAD-learn named her the MAD-teacher of the month. She is the second teacher from District 73 to receive this recognition. The first was Tanya Stahl, a STEM-lab teacher at Middle School North.  Ms. Bourn began using MAD-learn in May of 2017 and has run the program successfully ever since. MAD-learn’s web-based mobile app development tool is a holistic set of modules for students to experience the software development lifecycle firsthand.

Ms. Bourn shared her thoughts about using MAD-learn, saying, “The MAD-learn platform truly embodies the goal of my Family and Consumer Science content area and our goal at Hawthorn District 73, which is to “Inspire all students to embrace learning in an ever-changing world.” With the help of MAD-learn, I am provided another avenue to bring real life academic applications into my classroom that challenge my students to create a viable product that can be used in a future career.”