students practicing

So great to hear live music coming from the music suites at Middle School South again. Students in 7th/8th Grade Orchestra practiced their warm up exercises. They were entirely concentrated as they focused on agility and tone.

Congratulations to the Middle South Science Olympiad Team for their great performance at the Cumberland Valley Science Olympiad. The big winner was the Game On team. Varsity placed 4th and JV placed 5th. Reach for the Stars placed 8th and Scribble It (Trial) placed 2nd. This was a huge event with 102 teams participating. The teams were divided into three pools and our pool had 38 teams. Our overall ranking was 49th for Varsity. Thank you to the coaches and parents for their continued support.

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The results are in for the Kildeer event. Middle South performed quite well in this invitational. Congratulations to the participants and a big thank you to the coaches!!

The results are divided between Varsity and JV teams.

The JV Team placed 8th in ranking and received 4th place in Mission Possible among the other JV teams.

The Varsity Team placed 6th among other Varsity teams and received medal positions in following events:
Circuit Lab: 5th place
Crime Busters: 4th place
Density Lab: 3rd place
Machines: 2nd place
Missions Possible: 4th place
Reach for the Stars: 2nd place
Road Scholar: 4th place
Write it Do it: 1st place

A big congratulations to the entire team!!
The presentation and the team ranking are below:
Awards Slideshow
Event Ranking Link

Math Team Students

Middle South’s Math Team has been very busy taking a variety of math contests. With two of five meets of the CML (Continental Math League) contest completed, they are proud to share that four of their members have been recognized as National Student Leaders. These students are 8th graders, Caleb & Siddarth, 7th grader, Eva, and 6th grader, Mohammad.  In addition, the 8th grade team is one of CML’s Leading Schools!  

The team is also participating in the ICTM (Illinois Council of Teachers of Mathematics) series of contests. After completing the first of three contests, the 7th/8th grade team is ranked in second place and the 6th grade team is tied for first place.

MATHCOUNTS is another competition they are participating in. Each mathlete took three practice competitions to determine the top 15 scorers who moved on to the Lake County Chapter Competition on February 5. They are awaiting the results to see who will be moving on to the next round, the Chapter Invitational.

Congratulations to all the Mathletes for your hard work and dedication to the Math Team. HMS is very proud of you!

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Big congratulations to students of Middle South for their performance in the recent invitational organized by the University of Chicago. This is the very first year MSS has started to participate in the Science Olympiad. Two teams participated in this event and they placed 19th and 35th in overall ranking.

Varsity team received medals in these events:
Crime Busters- 6th place: Anaya/Caleb
Disease Detective- 8th place: Aanya/Hema
Road Scholar- 8th Place: Eshaan/Aarav
Write It Do It- 3rd place: Anaya/Eshaan

Fireman Tony

Firemedic Tony Rodkey from the Countryside Fire District virtually spoke to 8th grade science classes at Middle South for their Chemistry unit on chemical properties and chemical reactions. Fireman Tony educated the students on the “Chemistry of Fire” by giving demonstrations of how fuel sources, chemicals, vapor density, and flashpoint relate to a liquid’s and a gas’s ability to react to a heat source.