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students performing

Great job to our sixth, seventh, and eighth grade bands yesterday evening as they prepared for their upcoming NIMCon Organizational Contest. The students truly shined and showed how much they have grown throughout the year. Great job Mr. Naffier and students!!!

Students rehearsing

Middle School South’s sixth-grade orchestra is sounding great. As the students rehearsed on Monday, it was not only clear that they played well, it was clear how much they enjoyed playing their instruments.


STEAM education projects
Experimenting.  Researching. Designing. Collaborating. Measuring. This is what STEAM education is all about in the Middle School South Consumer Technology Classroom.
students practice for their next match

Students on Middle School South’s Scholastic Bowl Team were tested on a wide variety of academic subjects as they practiced on Tuesday for their next match. Answering trivia questions ranging from geography to math, players worked to score points for their team by buzzing first and responding with the correct answers.


orchestra performing

Middle School South’s seventh and eighth grade orchestra students are making some beautiful music.


Movie poster

District 128 invites you to a special screening of Angst: Raising Awareness Around Anxiety. The screening will take place on Tuesday, Feb. 19 in the Vernon Hills High School Auditorium at 7 p.m. Reserve your spot:

Geography Bee

On Tuesday, Jan. 29th, Middle South held its annual Geography Bee. Congratulations to eighth grader Jonah H. for his 1st place finish and Ryan C. who placed 2nd in the Geography Bee! Jonah will now take the state level test in the hopes of competing in the State Bee. Congratulations to all students that participated. Good luck Jonah!



students in spelling bee

In a hard fought, back and forth spelling bee at Middle School South, the winner was Jeffrey B. His championship word was “effulgent”. Finishing in second place was Libby Y. Jeffrey and Libby went back and forth for 10 rounds before a champion was crowned. In total their were 26 rounds.


All who attended Wednesday’s concert were treated to beautiful playing by the MSS Chamber Orchestra, 6th Grade Orchestra, and 7/8th Grade Orchestra. Congratulations to all the students who did a wonderful job with their pieces. We’re continually impressed by your dedication and growth as musicians. Thank you to MSS Orchestra Director, Samantha May, for your continual work with students in their music education journey. You coordinated a beautiful concert tonight. Also, a special thanks to Jennifer Greenwell, Pam Stanley, Haemi Lee, MSS staff, and the Orchestra parents for your support this evening.

Winners Standing Together

Sixth graders Neha K. (poetry) and Aanya G. (nonfiction) each placed first at the PageBreak literary festival at Stevenson High School on Saturday! Students that wished to participate in PageBreak submitted a literary work (either poetry, fiction, or nonfiction) and winners were chosen for each grade level. The contest was open to all schools that feed into Stevenson High School.


Choral Fest

Bravissimo to our Middle School North and Middle School South choir students for their performance last night with Vernon Hills High School students at the annual Choral Festival. The students sounded great!