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Student presents project

Sixth-grade students in Ms. Corush’s language arts classes at Middle School South are learning how to give presentations and build their speaking skills through a multi-genre research project. This assignment focuses on personalized learning so the students could choose whichever topic they wanted as well as how they wanted to present the information researched. Students did not write a traditional research paper, but instead, wrote research using various genres they chose. Each student had up to seven minutes to present his/her topic to the classroom. Some topics include the Titanic, Lyme disease, Ellen Degeneres, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Michael Phelps. Classmates asked good questions, which the presenters answered with ease.


Mental Health Awareness Month Logo
With MAP testing around the corner and May being Mental Health Awareness Month, Student Council is hosting a Hawthorn Is Healthy Week. Here are the activities for each day:

Monday 5/14: Healthy Tips
Student Council will be posting healthy tips throughout the school.

Tuesday 5/15: Inspirational Posters Day
Homerooms will be making posters showcasing inspirational quotes. The posters will be hung around the building.

  • 6th Grade: Positive Self Image Quotes
  • 7th Grade: Kindness Towards Others Quotes
  • 8th Grade: Finishing the Year Strong

Wednesday 5/16: Relaxation Homeroom
Student Council will be sending out a video promoting relaxation and meditation to be watched during homeroom on this day.

Thursday 5/17: Spreading Positive Words
Student Council will be placing positive messages on each locker.

Friday 5/18: Wear Green for Mental Health Awareness Month


Congratulations to the cast, crew, and directors of Mary Poppins Jr., the 2018 Middle School South play. The audience was treated to quite a performance on Friday and Saturday evening.


Under the direction of David Kleinschmidt, Middle School South is presenting Mary Poppins Jr., a musical based on the stories of P.L. Travers and the Walt Disney film. During an 8 a.m. performance on April 26, the cast showed their awesome acting, dancing and singing talents. Many thanks to all the parents and crew for helping to make this show a success. The musical will also be performed April 27 and 28 at 7:00 p.m.

Foundation logo

Please assist the Key to 73 Education Foundation choose an inaugural gift for each Hawthorn school.  The Key to 73 Education Foundation was established to raise private sector funds to support the goals of the District’s Strategic Plan. In its first year, the foundation would like to present each school with a gift to be used by all of the students. Please take a short survey to help select the option most valued by all for each school.

Trigonometry Class

The advanced algebra class at Middle School South has begun their trigonometry unit. As part of understanding angle of elevation and the use of the trigonometric ratios, the students built hypsometers (an instrument for measuring height or elevation). They used a straw attached to a protractor for sighting, and a string and a paper clip as the plumb line to read the angle on the protractor. They then attempted to use the device to calculate the height of the flag-pole and the height of the ceiling in the commons area. Besides achieving a deeper understanding of trigonometry and its uses, they learned how hard it can be to take accurate measurements.

Battle of the Books
Congratulations to Middle School South for winning Battle of the Books. South members Ema J., Madelyn G., Emily J., Sophia K., Ashleigh L., Vedant R. and Spandan G. won a down to the wire competition against Middle School North: 47-42. The competition focuses on the students reading novels from the 2018 Rebecca Caudill List and answering questions from the nine selected novels. This is South’s first win in three years.
School Board Clip Art

Hawthorn School District 73 is inviting the community to attend an Evening with the Board on Wednesday, February 21, at 7:00 p.m. at Hawthorn Middle School South, 600 N. Aspen Drive in Vernon Hills, IL. The event will focus on how to solve the District’s present and future space needs.  The event will include a presentation and an opportunity for community members to provide their feedback and advice to the Board of Education.

The school district is growing. Over the next 10 years, it is projected to welcome approximately 700 more students. By 2026, its enrollment will reach more than 5,000 students, representing a more than 30 percent increase since 2008.  Hawthorn’s facilities have either been at capacity or above capacity for the past six years. Administrators have made numerous adaptations to manage space, including adding a portable containing two classrooms at Elementary South, and conducting gym in the cafeteria and hallways of the middle schools.

Childcare will be provided.  Spanish translators will be present. If you need childcare, please register by February 19. Send an email to:

Evening with the Board EnglishEvening with the Board Spanish



Ms. Corush’s sixth-grade Language Arts class was the scene of a great debate. Teams debated whether an individual female committed a murder or a crime of passion. Mr. Stubenvoll, Ms. Mats and Mr. Reid served as the judges. Rebuttals will take place on Thursday.


spelling bee
On January 19th, Hawthorn Middle School South held it’s annual Spelling Bee.  The bee included 29 students (one absentee) representing 30 Language Arts classes in the school. Entering the tenth round, only two students remained: sixth grader Sahiti G. and seventh grader Chloe B. Some of the words in the final few rounds included: putrefaction, gauss, caravel, expatiated, formaldehyde, enorganic, nebulosity, indolent, xylorimba, and tamara.
In the eleventh round, Sahiti G. correctly spelled the championship word and became the 2018 School Spelling Bee Champion.  She will be moving on to the Sectional Spelling Bee to represent Middle School South.
students drumming in class

Sixth-grade students in Ms. Klein’s music class at Middle School South learned to play African Djembe drums. They created drum rhythms for each of their names and composed a piece made up of the rhythms of their names.