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The cast and crew of “Oklahoma” gave amazing performances last Friday and Saturday!  The performers truly brought their characters to life. After 29 successful years, a huge shout out to Mr. Kleinschmidt, as he directed his final musical.  A special thank you to the following staff for their dedication to our students and for providing them with a great extra-curricular experience:

  • Ms. Klein – music director and choreography 
  • Mr. Crandall – set construction
  • Ms. Baittie – costumes, makeup, hair
  • Ms. Wilgus – lights and sound
  • Ms. Corush – set painting 
  • Mr. Jaramillo – set design and t-shirts
Students rehearsing

Monday was a dress rehearsal for Middle School South’s production of “Getting to Know…Oklahoma”. Everyone helped each other as the performers put on makeup and got their hair in the right style. It was all smiles as students brought their characters to life on stage.

Students study the moon

Students in Ms. Humboldt’s class at Middle School South studied the phases of the moon. They worked in the dark with flashlights.

orchestra practicing

Directed by Samantha May, Middle School South’s sixth-grade orchestra practiced several pieces including the exhilarating piece, “Crystal Moon”. They sounded great. They will perform at the Middle School South Open House on May 16.

students create art works

Eighth grade students in Ms. Benton’s art class at Middle School South created works inspired by Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky, a pioneer of abstract art. Whether the students were designing on a computer, painting clay bowls, drawing or painting on paper, Kandinsky’s bold style came through in their art work.

Students in Advisory

During Friday’s Advisory, students at Middle School South participated in different activities across grade levels to build self management skills.  Sixth grade discussed how social media affects their daily lives and worked on strategies to connect with others in safe and appropriate ways.   Seventh grade discussed peer pressure and demonstrated strategies on how to resist it through role playing activities.  Eighth grade watched Vernon Hills High School VIP (Voices in Prevention) students perform skits that addressed common problems that arise in high school.  Students were also able to ask questions related to transitioning to high school at the end of the presentation.

team members standing together
Congratulations to our Middle School South eighth grade boys and girls volleyball teams on becoming conference champions! The eighth grade girls team took home the win again last night which means they play again Monday to determine if they are going to state next weekend! Way to go coaches and athletes!

Teams together
The Middle School South girls seventh grade volleyball team and the wrestling team “Ran the K” (ran through the school corridors) this morning as students cheered them on. The seventh grade girls volleyball team will be competing in state this weekend! Congratulations to Coach Cameron and his team.

Scholastic Bowl Teams

Congratulations to the Middle School South Scholastic Bowl. Its A and B teams achieved exciting victories last night against Lake Zurich North. The A Team won with the final score of 310 to 95,  and the B Team won with a final score of 215 to 185. It was a great first match!

students with plate of food
The related arts experience = STEAM education. Here’s what the Middle School South Consumer Technology students experienced today: 
  • App development
  • Designing hats
  • Nutrient-based labs
Students playing board games

As their culminating Trimester 2 project, sixth grade ELA/ALA classes at Middle School South created board games based on novels they read independently.  The board games reflected each novel’s setting, as well as the author’s use of figurative language, irony, conflict, and characterization. Students created great board games that their classmates enjoyed playing in class.


Students performing

Bravo Chuck Naffier, Pat Cantagallo and the Middle School South and Middle School North Jazz Band students on a wonderful performance Wednesday night at the Vernon Hills High School Jazz Festival! Our directors and students did an outstanding job performing this evening!