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Orchestras Perform at Open House

Last week, the Middle South Orchestras performed a concert at the school’s Open House.  The piece, Dancing in the Air, was arranged specifically for the Middle South orchestra by the composer Edgar Gabriel (an Elmhurst College violin professor). The students had the unique experience of collaborating with a living composer as he arranged the piece. Through the process, he […]


Students Present Their Multi-genre Research Projects

Sixth-grade students in Ms. Corush’s language arts classes at Middle School South are learning how to give presentations and build their speaking skills through a multi-genre research project. This assignment focuses on personalized learning so the students could choose whichever topic they wanted as well as how they wanted to present the information researched. Students did […]


“Hawthorn is Healthy Week” Starts May 14

With MAP testing around the corner and May being Mental Health Awareness Month, Student Council is hosting a Hawthorn Is Healthy Week. Here are the activities for each day: Monday 5/14: Healthy Tips Student Council will be posting healthy tips throughout the school. Tuesday 5/15: Inspirational Posters Day Homerooms will be making posters showcasing inspirational […]

Exercise Affects the Brain and the Body

What do you think happens when students exercise prior to math and reading classes? They do better in their classes. A high school in Naperville found that students performing below grade level in reading and math made significant improvements in these classes after they participated in Learning Readiness Physical Education (LRPE). LRPE was designed based […]


Mary Poppins Jr. Shows Students’ Talent

Under the direction of David Kleinschmidt, Middle School South is presenting Mary Poppins Jr., a musical based on the stories of P.L. Travers and the Walt Disney film. During an 8 a.m. performance on April 26, the cast showed their awesome acting, dancing and singing talents. Many thanks to all the parents and crew for […]


Key to 73 Education Foundation Wants Your Input

Please assist the Key to 73 Education Foundation choose an inaugural gift for each Hawthorn school.  The Key to 73 Education Foundation was established to raise private sector funds to support the goals of the District’s Strategic Plan. In its first year, the foundation would like to present each school with a gift to be […]


Taking Accurate Measurements

The advanced algebra class at Middle School South has begun their trigonometry unit. As part of understanding angle of elevation and the use of the trigonometric ratios, the students built hypsometers (an instrument for measuring height or elevation). They used a straw attached to a protractor for sighting, and a string and a paper clip […]

Eighth-grade Student Wins Essay Contest Prize

Congratulations to Hawthorn Middle School South eighth-grade student Tommy Diesen. Tommy wrote an argumentative essay about whether or not schools should have the right to monitor student social media accounts for the Bill of Rights Institute’s annual “We the Students” Essay Contest. Tommy’s entry earned an honorable mention, which was accompanied by a $500 prize! […]

District 73 Schedules Community Engagement Meetings

The Hawthorn School District 73 Board of Education is inviting the public to a series of community engagement meetings to discuss how to resolve the District’s space challenges. Currently, District 73 is at capacity and it is growing. The six meetings will include presentations by the Board of Education and opportunities for community members to […]