Hawthorn Enrichment Institute

The Hawthorn Enrichment Institute summer program is open to all kindergarten through eighth-grade Hawthorn District 73 students. It will take place from July 9 – August 10, 2018.  Registration begins February 1, 2018.

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Dear Families-

At this time, your child’s 2018-2019 Middle School schedule is ready for viewing in PowerSchool. Please log in to your parent portal (https://ps.hawthorn73.org/public/) and access this information. We will not be sending home paper copies this year. If you are experiencing difficulties accessing the parent portal, please contact the district office at (847) 990 – 4200.
Should you have questions or changes related to your student’s schedule, please access our online course request form no later than June 29th. This form can be accessed by clicking here or on our Middle School South School Webpage. If you have any difficulties accessing the course request form, please contact the Middle School South office at (847) 990 – 4100.
It is crucial that you review this information and submit any inquiries prior to June 29th to ensure that we have time to review your request and contact you with a response.
Have a Great Summer,
Mr. Natale & Mrs. Kahn

Today Mrs. Corush and Ms. Eiter had our 3rd grade pen pals from Aspen  in Mrs. Zurek’s class visit. We have been writing them all year.  Our 6th graders gave them a nice tour of our building. It was a great way to end the year!

Promotion Ceremony

Approximately 250 Middle South students proudly took part in the Promotion Ceremony that took place at Vernon Hills High School on May 29. The Middle School South Chorus sang “This Is Me” while the orchestra played “Greensleeves Millennium 2”. Members of the Board of Education and Administration presented certificates. Afterwards, students gathered together with their parents to celebrate.

Persuasive Letter Presentation

Students in the sixth-grade writing classes of Ms. Corush/Eiter, Ms. Malec, Ms. Prahl and Ms. Wright are developing persuasive writing skills. Pretending to be the Vernon Hills Chief of Police, they wrote letters to the Vernon Hills Village President asking him to add a canine unit.  Vernon Hills had a canine unit in the past. The students used logical arguments to drive home their points. On May 29, Vernon Hills Village President Roger Byrne, Chief of Police Patrick Kreis and School Resource Officer Jon Paret came to Middle School South to provide feedback on the letters. Village President Byrne told the students that he would not be adding a canine unit at this time since there are 20 canine units in the county and the Village can borrow a unit when needed. Chief of Police Kreis congratulated the students on their strong writing skills. Having Officer Paret was a real treat since he was one of the first Vernon Hills police officers to have a canine in the police force.

award ceremony

More than 150 students were recognized at the Eighth Grade Awards Program that was held on May 29 at Middle School South. The awards included: academic awards, athletic awards, extracurricular awards, fine arts and music awards, and service awards. Congratulations to all the awardees.

We have created a Summer Reading Program to motivate every student enrolled at Hawthorn Middle Schools to read over the summer.  The purpose of this year’s Summer Reading Program is to encourage our students to want to read.  We feel that allowing students to choose what they read will increase their enjoyment and foster life-long readers.

2018 Summer Reading Letter 2018 Summer Reading Letter- Espanol 2018 Summer Reading Letter-Log
Please save the date:  Saturday, October 13, 2018 for PSAT Testing 8/9 Testing.
Please see the flyer for all the details.
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Superintendent Nick Brown has resigned from Hawthorn School District 73 effective June 30 to accept a new position in Indiana to be closer to family.

“I really enjoyed my time at Hawthorn and appreciate all the work the staff does for all our students,” Brown said.  “We have great parents, students, staff and community.”

The Board of Education is grateful for Mr. Brown’s service to Hawthorn and wishes him well at his new district in Indiana.

The Board of Education will work hard to make this transition as smooth as possible with the help and guidance of the District’s administrative team.  An interim superintendent will be hired to support the District for the next year.  Also, the District will hire a search firm to help find the right superintendent candidate for the district.  The District asks for community patience and support in the coming weeks.  The District will continue to focus on what it does best, ensuring the best learning environment for its students.

El Superintendente del Distrito Escolar Hawthorn #73 acepta una posición en Indiana

Nick Brown, el Superintendente de el Distrito Escolar Hawthorn #73 ha renunciado a su puesto a partir del 30 de junio para aceptar un nuevo puesto en Indiana para estar más cerca de su familia.

“Realmente disfruté mi tiempo en Hawthorn y aprecié todo el trabajo que hace el personal para todos nuestros estudiantes”, dijo el Sr. Brown. “Tenemos unos excelentes padres, estudiantes, personal y comunidad”.

La Junta de Educación está agradecida por el servicio del Sr. Brown a Hawthorn y le desea lo mejor en su nuevo distrito en Indiana.

La Junta de Educación trabajará arduamente para hacer que esta transición sea fluida con la ayuda y orientación del equipo administrativo del Distrito. Se contratará un superintendente interino para apoyar al Distrito el próximo año escolar. Además, el Distrito contratará una empresa de búsqueda para ayudar a encontrar al candidato adecuado para el superintendente para el distrito. El Distrito pide paciencia y apoyo a la comunidad en las próximas semanas. El Distrito continuará enfocándose en lo que hace mejor, asegurando el mejor ambiente de aprendizaje para sus estudiantes.

Last week, the Middle South Orchestras performed a concert at the school’s Open House.  The piece, Dancing in the Air, was arranged specifically for the Middle South orchestra by the composer Edgar Gabriel (an Elmhurst College violin professor). The students had the unique experience of collaborating with a living composer as he arranged the piece. Through the process, he visited Middle School South to explain how he creates new compositional ideas and works with the students on their “groove.” Dancing in the Air featured eighth graders Sophia K. and Evan S. on electric instrument solos and Jean L. on drums.

A big shout out to our very own School Resource Officer Paret!  Officer Paret participated in the annual Cops on a Rooftop on Friday, May 18th at the Vernon Hills Dunkin’ Donuts to support Special Olympics.


On Thursday, May 17th Middle South hosted it’s annual Open House.  During Open House, Chorus, Orchestra and Band performed and parents were invited to visit their child’s classrooms and view all their work that they have accomplished during the year.