Art Contest

Students from Middle South will have their art work shown at the Art Contest this Friday at 6:00 p.m. at Matthews Middle School in Island Lake. 

Good Luck to the following students:

Ari A.

Emily H.

Jacky T.

Nathan R.

Shane W.

Julie B.

Meghan S.

Stacie K.

Emilia P.

Melissa R.

Felicia C.

Gina L.

Spencer R.

Jenna R.

Miguel A.

Teresa D.

Lauren E.

Sean L.

Sarah C.

Albert K.

Hannah F

Eagle Award Winners

Congratulations to the Eagle Award Winners for April.



ALGEBRA: Theodore C., Keri Marie H., MinWoo H., Matthew N., Rhea R., Nicole S.

ALGEBRA I: Martin B., Yanfei C., Jacob F., Rajita K., Nhi L.

CHORUS: Nicole B., Casey B., Dylan C., Samuel L., Nicole M., Mia M., Alexa T.

CONCERT BAND: Leo B., Hannah F.

MATH: Gerardo A., Alexander B., Leila B., Madison E., Steve F., Melissa H., Arika K., Jocelyn O., Mason R., Ashley R., Jessie R., Yulissa T., Nicholas V., Madelyn W. ORCHESTRA: Donalie B., Alexander B., Wooyeong C., Shvetali T., Collin T., Sharon W. 

PRE-ALGEBRA: John B., Jack B., Kayla C., Alexander C., James D., Linsey E., Avery F., Blair H., Matthew K., Katharine K., Rachael L., Diego M., Giovana M., Mia M, Jessica R., Ally R., Rebecca S., Zachary Y.

SCIENCE: Shakhzod A., Ariana A., Milen A., Sneha A., Rania A., Justin A., Adriadna A., Robert A., Zion B., John B., Rohet C., Kyra C., Nicholas C., Rodney C., Gabriele D., Nicholas D., Leah D., Felicia E, Nataly F., Luis F., Karolina G., Efrain G., Keri Marie H., Brandon H., Tyler H., Caralyn H., MinWoo H., Leianne J., Kayla K., Selin K., Patryk L., Nicole L., Nhi L., Daniel M., Julia M., Harjas M., Kaushik P., Sofiya P., Veronika P., Rhea R., Priya R., Maxwell R., Agustin S., Karla S., Daniel S., Alexa S., Ria S., Shvetali T., Leo T., Sujay V., Zachary Y., Joseph Z., Collin Z.

SYMPHONIC BAND: Jack B., Briesa C., Kyra C., Seung-Won J.

A Message from the Superintendent

During the April 8, 2013 meeting of the Hawthorn Board of Education, Superintendent Nick Brown presented the AYP Committee’s proposal for addressing issues related to AYP performance and school placement.  The earliest the board can act upon the proposal would be the meeting scheduled for April 22. More information about the issue is available on the web article entitled Information about AYP and How It Impacts Hawthorn’s School Choice.

Click here to download Proposal.

AYP Update

Please read the attached AYP update from Superintendent Brown.

AYP Update

Congratulations Middle South 8th Grade Volleyball Team

The Middle South Volleyball team finished the season with an impressive 13-3 record and 2nd place in the SMSC Conference Tournament.

It was a tough loss in the Championship game but the girls should be proud of their hard work and their play throughout the season.

Congratulations to the entire team and their Coach Deb Logan, we are proud of your accomplishments : Ari A., Sarah C., Katie C., Sarah D., Julia F., Jessica F., Abby F.,   Selin K., Kathy K., Ana L., Sophia L., Anna P., Maddie R., Marissa R., Marissa T.,     Eunice Y.


Geography Bee

Congratulations to David L. who has qualified to represent Middle South and participate at the state level of the National Geographic Bee, sponsored by Google & Plum Creek. The State Bee will be held on Friday, Apr. 5, 2013 at the College of DuPage.

David is a students of Mrs. Wright’s 6th Grade Social Studies Class.

One winner from each state and territory will advance to the national competition, which will be held May 20-22 in Washington D.C.



Science Olympiad

On Saturday, March 9th the Hawthorn Middle South Science Olympiad Team competed in the Lake County Regional Science Olympiad Tournament at the College of Lake County. Congratulations to all the students who participated and Coach Joe Omiatek.

The Team Members are: Joseph Z., Ania D., Tyler H., Abel T., Adam C., John B., Nathan J., Alex O., Micah K., Kaushik P., Leianne J., Shvetali T., Abhay R., and Arun A. Joseph Z.,  Ania D., Tyler H., Abel T. and Alex O. earned medals in their events.

March Eagle Award Winners

Congratulations to all Eagle Award Winners for March.

ADVANCED LANGUAGE ARTS: Isabel A., Lauren E., Caitlin F., Matthew H. CITIZENSHIP: Feliciano A., Rachel D.

LANGUAGE ARTS: Jacob A., Ariana A., Grace B., Benjamin B., Corey C., Allison C., Abigail D., Miracle Joy F., Justin G., Caralyn H., James Paul H., MinWoo H., Sufyan K., Hannah L., Ghanya L., Eugene L., Nhi L., Erik L., Joseph M., Spencer M., Avinash N., Charles N., Reuben P., Emilia P., Nathan R., Noah R., Kennedy S., Ilir T., Cristian V., Samuel W.

SOCIAL STUDIES: Shakhzod A., Milen A., Garima A., Robert A., Nicole B.,

Donalie B., Jack B., Ashley B., Rachel D., Leah D., Zachary E., Abigail F., Alexander F., Brittany G., Emma G., Jesus G., Samantha H., Michael H., Jena H., Courtney H., Grace H., Robert J., Faith J., Joshua K., Matthew K., TaeHo K., Hannah K., Nikolay K., Benjamin K., Adam L., Joel L., Leah L., Maximus M., Perla M., Alia M., Bianca M., Matthew N., Ryan P., Sergio R., Hannah R., Rhea R., Veronica R., Priya R., Jenna R., Jessica R., Mario R., Rebecca S., Karla S., Meghan S., Alexa S., Maxwell S., Nathan T., Alberto U., Alexi V., Gloria Y.

SPANISH: Aparajitha A., Casey B., Tatiana G., Samuel L., Jessica R., Phillip V.

WRITING: Isabel A., Michael C., Logan C., Bailey E., Erica F., Brandon H., Brandon K., Benjamin K., David L., Joel L., Emma S., Kennedy S., Valerie S., Yulissa T., Leah W., Cindy Z.

Science Club Science Olympiad

The Hawthorn Middle School Science Club’s Science Olympiad team is competing this Saturday, March 9’th at the Lake County Regional Science Olympiad tournament, which is held at the College of Lake County in Grayslake.

6th Grade Pre-Algebra Classes Clay Project

Students in Miss Hain’s and Miss Robinson’s Pre-Algebra classes did a hands on activity where the students had to create three dimensional shapes out of clay. The students were put into partners and were assigned a certain three dimensional shape and were told whether to cut their shape parallel or perpendicular.

8th Grade Pre-Algebra Classes – Chicago Skyline Scale Drawing Project

Students in Mrs. Alexander’s 8th Grade Pre-Algebra classes were given an assignment to draw, color, and cut out a scale drawing of one of the buildings on the Chicago Skyline.  They used a scale provided to them to get their actual dimensions.  They also wrote a paper describing their building, its history, purpose, current tenant, architectural firm responsible for the design, actual dimensions, special features and any other interesting facts.


Track Begins

All students that are interested in track, a meeting will be held on March 11 at 2:20 p.m. in the Multi-purpose room to discuss training options and schedules for the upcoming season.