March Eagle Award Winners

Congratulations to all Eagle Award Winners for March.

ADVANCED LANGUAGE ARTS: Isabel A., Lauren E., Caitlin F., Matthew H. CITIZENSHIP: Feliciano A., Rachel D.

LANGUAGE ARTS: Jacob A., Ariana A., Grace B., Benjamin B., Corey C., Allison C., Abigail D., Miracle Joy F., Justin G., Caralyn H., James Paul H., MinWoo H., Sufyan K., Hannah L., Ghanya L., Eugene L., Nhi L., Erik L., Joseph M., Spencer M., Avinash N., Charles N., Reuben P., Emilia P., Nathan R., Noah R., Kennedy S., Ilir T., Cristian V., Samuel W.

SOCIAL STUDIES: Shakhzod A., Milen A., Garima A., Robert A., Nicole B.,

Donalie B., Jack B., Ashley B., Rachel D., Leah D., Zachary E., Abigail F., Alexander F., Brittany G., Emma G., Jesus G., Samantha H., Michael H., Jena H., Courtney H., Grace H., Robert J., Faith J., Joshua K., Matthew K., TaeHo K., Hannah K., Nikolay K., Benjamin K., Adam L., Joel L., Leah L., Maximus M., Perla M., Alia M., Bianca M., Matthew N., Ryan P., Sergio R., Hannah R., Rhea R., Veronica R., Priya R., Jenna R., Jessica R., Mario R., Rebecca S., Karla S., Meghan S., Alexa S., Maxwell S., Nathan T., Alberto U., Alexi V., Gloria Y.

SPANISH: Aparajitha A., Casey B., Tatiana G., Samuel L., Jessica R., Phillip V.

WRITING: Isabel A., Michael C., Logan C., Bailey E., Erica F., Brandon H., Brandon K., Benjamin K., David L., Joel L., Emma S., Kennedy S., Valerie S., Yulissa T., Leah W., Cindy Z.

Science Club Science Olympiad

The Hawthorn Middle School Science Club’s Science Olympiad team is competing this Saturday, March 9’th at the Lake County Regional Science Olympiad tournament, which is held at the College of Lake County in Grayslake.

6th Grade Pre-Algebra Classes Clay Project

Students in Miss Hain’s and Miss Robinson’s Pre-Algebra classes did a hands on activity where the students had to create three dimensional shapes out of clay. The students were put into partners and were assigned a certain three dimensional shape and were told whether to cut their shape parallel or perpendicular.

8th Grade Pre-Algebra Classes – Chicago Skyline Scale Drawing Project

Students in Mrs. Alexander’s 8th Grade Pre-Algebra classes were given an assignment to draw, color, and cut out a scale drawing of one of the buildings on the Chicago Skyline.  They used a scale provided to them to get their actual dimensions.  They also wrote a paper describing their building, its history, purpose, current tenant, architectural firm responsible for the design, actual dimensions, special features and any other interesting facts.


Track Begins

All students that are interested in track, a meeting will be held on March 11 at 2:20 p.m. in the Multi-purpose room to discuss training options and schedules for the upcoming season.

Wrestling State Tournament

The IESA state finals will be held on Friday, March 8 and Saturday, March 9. The State Finals will be held at the Northern Illinois University Convocation Center in DeKalb, Illinois.

Wrestling will start at 3:30 p.m. on Friday.

Good Luck to the following Middle South Wrestlers who have qualified to go to the state competition.

Blake T.

Ryan T.

Nikita N.

Andrew S.

Collin T.

For more information on the tournament, click on the website below.



Hawthorn Middle South Math Team competed Saturday at the Carmel High School Math Invitational with 200 other students. The 8th grade team brought home the 1st place trophy!  Congratulations!

This 8th grade team included Apirajitha A., Andrew K., Alex O., Abhay R., Matt W., and Eunice Y.  In addition to winning the team award, Apirajitha A. placed 3rd in the 8th grade Individual Competition.  It was a great way to end the season!  Congratulations to all team members and Thanks for all the hard work and early mornings you’ve put in since October!

Hawthorn Art Show, Aspen Library

Over a thousand people are expected to attend the third annual Hawthorn Art Show opening on Thursday, March 7 at 6:00 P.M.- 8:00 P.M. at the Aspen Library. The show features hundreds of pieces of art from students from every grade level and building. The art work will be on display through the month of March. Students created the art, which was selected  by teachers in different grade levels, and pieces of art from each school will be displayed in the show. Please park at the designated parking areas only.

Parking at the library is available but space is limited. If the lot is full additional parking is available at the Sullivan Center/Vernon Hills Park District building, Middle School South and Aspen Elementary.  Please do not park in the Walgreens lot or other surrounding commercial lots.

Middle South Students Participating.

[column col=”1/4″]

6th Grade

Sneha A
Kayla C
Nic D
Anna J
Leianne J
Joey L
Gwen R
Ethan S
Emma S
Valerie S
Sneha S
Cade W


[column col=”1/4″]

7th Grade

Milen A
Grace B
Sophie C
Anna D
Mikaella G
Keri H
Albert K
Jacob P
Priya R
Sami W


[column col=”1/4″]

8th Grade

Jacob F
Ari A
Becky B
Julie B
Lauren B
Corey C
Sarah C
Matthew G
Emily H
Selin K
Caroline L
Avi L
Jawa M
Cassidy R
Steven R
Jenna R
Meghan S
Shane W
Sharon W
Gloria Y



Vernon Hills School Group Chosen for Music Conference

Check out the Article from the Vernon Hills Review about the Middle School South’s visit to Peoria.  Listen to the Band Perform.  Click here of Article in Vernon Hills Review.

South Does Well at Math Competition

On Saturday, February 16, Hawthorn South Math Team took 5th  place at the Lake-McHenry Regional Math Counts Competition at the College of Lake County.  There were 134 individuals representing 18 schools competing. 8 members from HMSS competed as individuals with 4 of them competing in the Team Round.

4 Individuals finished in the top 25%.  They were: Alexander F., 7th place,

Eunice Y., 12th, Aparajitha A., 16th, Alex O., 19th.  The top 16 make it to the dreaded Countdown round where they had to compete head to head with another person. Aparajitha made it to the second round of that competition and finished 8th in the Countdown Round


Congratulations to the Team! and Good Luck at the Carmel competition this coming Weekend!!


Illinois Grade School Music Association (IGSMA) Solo and Ensemble Results

Congratulations to the following Band, Orchestra, & Chorus students on their results from the Solo and Ensemble Competition on Saturday, February 9. The experience of participating in, and preparing for this event is very powerful in its ability to motivate and encourage students to excel.

[tab_item title=”Band”]

Solos-Division I+ (Perfect score)

Bobby B. – Tuba

Solos-Division I

Anokhi M.

Nikki M.

Samantha W.

Tyler H.

Aidan A.

Juli T.

Bobby B. – Piano

James H.

Andrew K.

Kishore I.

Matt K.

Spencer M.

Pavani P.

Cindy Z.

Jacob F.

Samantha K.

Avi L.

Gabriella M.

Drake D.

Bobby B. – Vocal

Ryan P.

 Solos-Division II

Hannah F.

Drake D.

 Duets – Division I

Youngseo O., Julia P.

Rebecca B., Samantha W.

Andrew K., Alex O.

Drake D., Bobby B.

Cindy Z., Grace H.

Samantha K., Sydney K.

Timothy K., Matt G.

Juli T., Sydney K.

Jack B., Leo B.

Duets – Division II

Jacqueline Z., Ryan P.,

Alex O., Alex F.

Trio – Division I

Juli T., Samantha K., Sydney K


[tab_item title=”Orchestra”]

Solos – Division I+ (Perfect score)

 Teddy C.

Sophie C.

Adam L.

Tim L. (7th)

Tim L. (8th)

Reuben P.

 Solos – Division I

 Ibrahim B

Chloe C.

Crystal D.

Ryan K.

Taetto K.

Zach Q.

Shvetali T.

Solos – Division II

 Drew L.

Collin T.

Ensemble – Division I+ Perfect score

 Tim L., Ryan K., Adam L.

Ensemble – Division I

 Caroline L., Gloria Y.,

Sharon W., Aparajitha A.,

Ariana A., Cassidy R.,

Rachel L., Sneha A.,

Alex B., Taetto K.,

Sophie C., Felicia E.

Ensemble – Division II

 Ravi G., Shane W., Steven T., Justin K.


[tab_item title=”Chorus”]

Solos-Division I+ (Perfect score)

Dylan C.

Bobby B.

 Solos-Division I

 Drew L.

Emily M.

Mia M.

Skylar T.

Ensemble-Division I

 Ada K., Arika K.

Ensemble-Division II

 Cindy U., Emily J.,

Nicole M., Allison C., Dylan C., Skylar T., Mia M.



February Eagle Award Winners

Congratulations to the following February Eagle Award recipients in Art, Consumer Tech, Industrial Tech, Music, Physical Education.

ART: Briesa C., Nicholas D., Hannah F., Jacob F., Caralyn H., Sejal K., Joshua K., Jennifer L., Avi L., Leah W., Gloria Y.

CONSUMER TECH: Samuel A., Casey B., Mackenzie B., Allison C., Abigail H., Jared L., Jessica N., Spencer R., Nicole S.,Tayla W.

INDUSTRIAL TECH: Corey C., James D., Crystal D., Scott F., Adam G., Keri Marie H., Erik L., Nicole M., Caralynn O., Veronica R., Phillip S., Giovanna T., Juliana T., Cade W.

MUSIC: Chloe C., Jack F., Grayson F., Alexander F., Anna J., Gina L., Nikki M., Cache M., Madelyn P., Collin T., Sharon W., Kevin Y.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION: Alexander F., Keaton G., Elli I., Katharine K., Samuel L., John R., Jenna R., Jessica R., Shvetali T.