Track & Field

MSS is so proud of their girls and boys track squads who competed recently at sectionals in North Chicago.

The girls ended the meet with an overall third place finish by the eighth grade team and a fifth place finish by the sixth/seventh grade team out of 12 schools.

“Every one of our relay teams set a new personal record and there were many personal bests across the board!” said girls coach Laura Gess.

A special congratulations to the following girl athletes for qualifying for the state competition: Erica Bunning (7th in pole vault, discus), Brooke Donaldson (8th in 100 meter hurdles), Taylor Proft (8th in 400 meter day), and Rose Sheridan (6th in 800 meter run).

The MSS boys gave it their best shot at their sectional meet hosted at North Chicago High School. Seventh graders Luke Lutgens and Chase Bonder secured their spots for state. Luke launched himself into qualifying for the long jump, while Chase had a personal best at the high jump where he soared like an eagle.  At lightening speed, eighth grader Oskar Jedynak gave an impressive performance qualifying for both the 1600-meter and the 800-meter. Oskar leads the boys track team by example. Also, heading down state is the boys 4X400m relay team. Eighth graders John Lee, Syam Atade, Oskar, and Alex Utsis had a great race taking third place and qualifying for state! John was subbing for eighth grader Shane Moncayo who will join the team for state. Cameron Simes, seventh grader, rocked it in the 200 meter taking second and qualifying for state.


Undefeated Season

MSS girls soccer team celebrates undefeated season!

6th Grade Writing Classes

On May 10, 2017, Mrs. Corush’s and Mrs. Wright’s writing classes had a special visit from Mayor Roger Byrne, Police Chief Mark Fleischhauer, and Resource School Officer Jon Paret.
These past few weeks, students in the 6th grade writing classes learned how to effectively write persuasive letters by using evidence from articles as well as using appropriate persuasive language techniques.  Pretending to be the Police Chief of Vernon Hills, students wrote letters to Mayor Byrne persuading him to reinstate a canine unit for the Village of Vernon Hills.
After sending our persuasive letters to the mayor and police chief, we were fortunate enough to have them come speak to us about the canine unit experience.  Officer Paret, our school’s resource officer, was the first police officer in Vernon Hills to have his K9 dog in the police force.
This was such a great experience as we got to hear lots of information on how wonderful it was to have a canine unit in Vernon Hills but also why we do not have one currently.  Students were very persuasive and had a wonderful experience.

Softball Team

The Middle School South Girls Softball team had a great season with a 5-4 record and the #3 seed heading into the conference tournament! The girls look forward to playing ball in next weeks tournament!

The young Eagles showed progress all season and look forward to the playoffs. The  Eagles scored more than 15 runs in several of their victories and their defense improved each game.  Both coaches Michael Barber and Glennah McMahon were pleased with the development and play of the team as well as the sportsmanship reflected by all of the girls.

Important information regarding drop-off and pick-up procedures. Please read.

Important information regarding drop-off and pick-up procedures.  Please read.

Vehicle Drop Off and Pick Up Concerns

Traffic Pattern Notice

Traffic Pattern Map


Hawthorn PTO Offer School Supplies for 2017-2018

Hawthorn PTO offers pre-packed, grade specific school supply kits as a convenient way for families to purchase quality, name brand school supplies.  Prepare your child for a successful 2017-18 School Year.  Order their school supply kit today from SchoolKitz.

School Supply

Middle South Open House 5/16/17

Mark your calendars for this years Open House at Middle South on Tuesday, May 16th from 6:00-8:00 p.m.  Please come by and tour our wonderful school and visit your child’s classrooms to view their amazing work.  The Fine Arts Department will also be participating in the evening, please see the attached flyer.


South Side Students Speak Out: Women are Better off Today, but Still Far from Being Equal with Men

Volume 3- May, 2017

By Lizbeth (7th Grade)

Imagine working the same number of hours and being paid less for being a women. Along with getting paid less, you would have less job opportunities than men. I believe that the gender you are should not indicate how much money you make or how many job opportunities you have.

An article made by The Guardian, called Women are Better Off Today, but Still far from Being Equal with Men, states that women don’t often make it to the top of both Industry and government, instead men are. The Guardian notes, “A study of Harvard graduates in the US found that median earnings in 2005 were $10,000 for women but $162,500 for men (The Guardian 2014). 2005 was a short time ago, which means this gap of how much women make and men make is very good representation on how the gap of women and men and how much money they make is massive. In my perspective the difference between how much men and women make in earnings is depressing. This is depressing because sometimes women and men work the same amount of time but men make more. The Guardian adds, “of the 500 largest corporations in the US, only 23 have a female chief executive officer” (The Guardian 2014). Many young girls are probably hoping to become something greater than they are, like me, but what if they have no one to look up to because research shows that they don’t even have a chance?

The thought of a young girl’s dreams being torn apart is heartbreaking. Personally, growing up I would’ve wanted a female role model to look up to. Growing up I looked up to mostly men because that was my only option.  for example, Michael Jordan. They told Jordan that he couldn’t make it but look at where he is now! The Guardian reports Helena Kennedy saying in a speech on international women’s day: “You don’t have to believe in patriarchy to realize that the law was made by men and is dominated by men, and that the same goes for Parliament. Which means that an all the making of the law, Women are largely absent. it is not surprising that the law does not work for woman” (The Guardian 2014). Women should have more representation so that the law can be made equal. Women should have a thought on the laws that mostly men make. In closing women should have more opportunities so that future women can have someone to look up to. They should also make more money and have more representation.

Most Improved Student Award

Twelve students received the David Yomtoob Most Improved Student Award during a Hawthorn District 73 Board of Education meeting.

Each year former Hawthorn superintendent Youssef Yomtoob, and his wife, Parichehr, recognize students whose essays were selected for expressing how they improved over a period of time in such areas as academics, social skills, and behavior.

The following students received the Most Improved Student Award for the 2016-2017 school year.

Second Grade
Diego Lopez – Aspen
Yareli Solache Cuenca – Dual Language
Yareli Bollas – Elementary North
Sathyendra Kumarasamy – Elementary South
Vira Balbus – Townline

Fifth Grade
Ashley Machorro – Aspen
Jocelyn Guadarrama – Dual Language
Felix Navarrete – Elementary North
Victor Camacho – Elementary South
Dylan Glazer – Townline

Eighth Grade
Michael Lee – Middle School North
Seo-Yeon Lee – Middle School South

8th Grade Girls Fashion Show

Hawthorn Middle South hosted it’s annual 8th Grade Girls Fashion Show on Thursday, May 4th at 3:30 p.m.  The preparation was just as fun as the show as approximately 25 girls were treated to hair and make-up.  The girls were able to wear their own dress or choose from a variety of that were  provided.  After the show the girls and spectators were treated to yummy snacks and refreshments.

Advisory 5/5/17

On May 5th during Advisory time, 7th grade students attended presentations by representatives of the Vernon Hills Police Department, which provided information on sexual harassment, social media guidelines for appropriate behavior, and the importance of reporting incidents which leave a student feeling uncomfortable or emotionally upset. Sergeant Andy Jones spoke with the boys, while Officer Rebecca Foy spoke with the girls.  Students were engaged, and developed good questions for the presenters.

6th & 8th grade students participated in an activity called “Silent Affirmations”. In this activity, all students stand or sit in a circle facing out. They all close their eyes and five students are selected to be in the middle of the circle. The teacher then reads out several affirming statements such as “Touch 5 people who you’ve learned something from this year.” or “Touch 5 people who you consider a friend.”. After each statement read, the five students in the center of the circle go around and each touch four to five students who they feel the statement most pertains to. After several statements, the five students in the center return to the outside of the circle and five new students are selected to the center. This allows each student the chance to be touched and to be able to touch others.