The following students qualified to participate in the IESA State Track Meet in Peoria on Friday and Saturday (5/17 & 5/18). Good luck to both of them. Sohan B. – hurdles and high jump; Nikolay K. – 800 meter run; Shane W. – 1600 meter run.

Screen Shot 2013-05-08 at 7.11.06 AMCongratulations to Jessie R., a seventh grader at Middle South. She is the winner of the assignment notebook cover contest for the school year 2013-2014 for the Middle South building. The contest design theme is “Soaring Above the Rest.” Jessie submitted her hand drawn artwork to the design committee and her drawing was selected by the judges as the winning design.

On May 14 after school, Middle South will be putting on their Fashion Show for all the 8th grade girls.

We would like to have a lottery during the Fashion Show to give the girls some prizes.  We are looking for “pampering” prizes to be raffled off such as: manicures, hair styling, lotions and other pampering ideas not listed here.  Please check with your local salon to see if they would be willing to donate a service.  We will recognize that they participated in our event. Please send any donations to the Middle South’s office.

Reminder to all students and parents: As the weather is changing, many of our students are debuting their summer clothes.  Please review our district’s dress code is listed on page 18 of the Student Handbook and Assignment Book.

  • Shirts and straps must cover a minimum of two inches at the top of the shoulder.  Tank tops with spagetti straps and low-cut or midriff tops are not permitted.
  • Undergarments should be concealed at all times.
  • Skirts and shorts may be no shorter than mid-thigh.
  • Clothing, jewelry, body art or other aspects of appearance that detract from the learning environment or violate district policy are prohibited.
  • Hats and/or headwear are not to be worn in buildings.

On Friday, April 26th, Middle South wears black to represent Hawthorn Middle South’s commitment to ending bullying. The goal of the day is to empower the students to take a stand when they see bullying occur.


The 2nd annual Matthews Middle School Art Show took place Friday evening April 19th.  Hawthorn Middle School South students received medals in the following areas:


1st place:                                          2nd place:

Julie B. – 8th grade                   Meghan S. – 8th grade


Computer Graphics/Photography:

2nd place:                                         3rd place:

Emilia P. – 8th grade            Jenna R. – 8th grade


Mixed Media:

1st place:                                          2nd place:

Lauren E. – 6th grade                Sean L. – 6th grade


Congratulations to all who were chosen to participate!!

Congratulations to the Eagle Award winners for the end of April:

CONSUMER TECH: Justin A., Robert B, Karla C., Bevin J., Diego M., Caralynn O., Mason R., Rena R., Cade W., Danielle W.

ART: Sneha A., Juhee B., Rachel C., Dennis G., Matthew H., Samantha K., Gina L., Alexandra L., Perla M., Jawa M., Nicole M., Gabriela M., Emilia P., Priya R., Agustin S., Samantha W.


INDUSTRIAL TECH: Leah D., Jack F., Spencer F., Hae M., Mackenzie M., James M., Spencer M., Michelle S., Kennedy S., Steven T., Cole W., Gloria Y. 

MUSIC: Dylan C., Logan C., Matthew G., Nikolay K., Lauren L., Kavin L., Kaushik P., Abhay R., Gregory T.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION: Felicia C., Faith J., Jared L., Nathan R.

Congratulations to Louis Gatta, Jeanne Engelkemeir and Ghita Mueller, who have been elected to four-year terms on the Hawthorn Board of Education. The election took place on April 9. Thank you to current board members Tim Shanahan, Julie Weiler and Theresa Calabrese for their service to our community. They did not seek re-election.

Congratulations to our State Winners.  eCYBERMISSION is a web-based Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) competition free for students in grades six through nine where teams can compete for State, Regional and National Awards while working to solve problems in their community.

The following 8th Grade students made up the winning State teams:

Team Hashtag Homies – 1st Place State of Illinois

Jeffrey R.

Rena R.

Robert R.

Stephanie S.

Team DaCyberz – 2nd Place State of Illinois

Matthew W.

Trent B.

Mariah K.

Claudia U.

1st Place State winners will receive a $1,000 US Savings bond.  2nd Place State winners will receive a $500 US Savings bond.

Congratulations to these students and their coach Tia Alexander


Students from Middle South will have their art work shown at the Art Contest this Friday at 6:00 p.m. at Matthews Middle School in Island Lake. 

Good Luck to the following students:

Ari A.

Emily H.

Jacky T.

Nathan R.

Shane W.

Julie B.

Meghan S.

Stacie K.

Emilia P.

Melissa R.

Felicia C.

Gina L.

Spencer R.

Jenna R.

Miguel A.

Teresa D.

Lauren E.

Sean L.

Sarah C.

Albert K.

Hannah F

Congratulations to the Eagle Award Winners for April.



ALGEBRA: Theodore C., Keri Marie H., MinWoo H., Matthew N., Rhea R., Nicole S.

ALGEBRA I: Martin B., Yanfei C., Jacob F., Rajita K., Nhi L.

CHORUS: Nicole B., Casey B., Dylan C., Samuel L., Nicole M., Mia M., Alexa T.

CONCERT BAND: Leo B., Hannah F.

MATH: Gerardo A., Alexander B., Leila B., Madison E., Steve F., Melissa H., Arika K., Jocelyn O., Mason R., Ashley R., Jessie R., Yulissa T., Nicholas V., Madelyn W. ORCHESTRA: Donalie B., Alexander B., Wooyeong C., Shvetali T., Collin T., Sharon W. 

PRE-ALGEBRA: John B., Jack B., Kayla C., Alexander C., James D., Linsey E., Avery F., Blair H., Matthew K., Katharine K., Rachael L., Diego M., Giovana M., Mia M, Jessica R., Ally R., Rebecca S., Zachary Y.

SCIENCE: Shakhzod A., Ariana A., Milen A., Sneha A., Rania A., Justin A., Adriadna A., Robert A., Zion B., John B., Rohet C., Kyra C., Nicholas C., Rodney C., Gabriele D., Nicholas D., Leah D., Felicia E, Nataly F., Luis F., Karolina G., Efrain G., Keri Marie H., Brandon H., Tyler H., Caralyn H., MinWoo H., Leianne J., Kayla K., Selin K., Patryk L., Nicole L., Nhi L., Daniel M., Julia M., Harjas M., Kaushik P., Sofiya P., Veronika P., Rhea R., Priya R., Maxwell R., Agustin S., Karla S., Daniel S., Alexa S., Ria S., Shvetali T., Leo T., Sujay V., Zachary Y., Joseph Z., Collin Z.

SYMPHONIC BAND: Jack B., Briesa C., Kyra C., Seung-Won J.

During the April 8, 2013 meeting of the Hawthorn Board of Education, Superintendent Nick Brown presented the AYP Committee’s proposal for addressing issues related to AYP performance and school placement.  The earliest the board can act upon the proposal would be the meeting scheduled for April 22. More information about the issue is available on the web article entitled Information about AYP and How It Impacts Hawthorn’s School Choice.

Click here to download Proposal.