IPA Recognition

On April 26, the Lake County Region Illinois Principals Association hosted its annual breakfast and recognition ceremony at Vernon Hills High School. Principals nominated students in their schools who have shown outstanding achievements in school and community.  They, along with their parents and the building administrators, have breakfast and then are recognized with a certificate from the IPA.  Paige Edelheit and Will Irvin of Middle School South were recognized.

Hawthorn Middle School South is pleased to honor Paige Edelheit. Paige is a kind, hard-working, and driven young lady. She regularly sets goals for herself and works diligently to accomplish those goals. Paige demonstrates caring and empathy towards her peers and is the first to lend a helping hand in any situation. She is an excellent student and has maintained a 4.0 GPA at Middle School South. Additionally, Paige is a valued member of our school Choir and Poms team. Outside of school, Paige balances many extra curricular activities including, but not limited to: learning Chinese, attending Hebrew school, and volunteering at soup kitchens. We are very proud of Paige and her many accomplishments both in and outside of school.


Hawthorn Middle School South is proud to recognize William Irvin for his many accomplishments both in and outside of school. William has maintained a 4.0 GPA every trimester in Middle School, placing him on the High Honor Roll. In 7th grade, William was recognized with several awards including: the Upstander Award, the Spanish Award, and the P.E. Award. William is a valued member of both our Symphonic Band and Jazz Band and currently serves as our trumpet section leader. In addition to his many academic achievements, William plays travel hockey, runs Cross Country, has been a member of our Math Team and Scholastic Bowl team, and served as a Homeroom Representative on our Student Council for the past three years. William Irvin exemplifies a well-rounded student and we are pleased to honor William.

Water Walk

On Saturday, April 21st, Middle School South students, family members, and representatives from our local Allstate Insurance Company walked to raise money for people in Asia and Africa who do not have access to clean water.  All funds donated will go directly to we.org to help build wells in communities that do not have a fresh water supply.   Thanks to a generous grant from Allstate Insurance Company, participants were able to partake in refreshments, play carnival games and win prizes to local vendors.   Over $1,900 has been raised thus far.  If you would like to contribute to this cause, we are still accepting donations.  Please feel free to send a donation to Hawthorn 73 – Water Walk.

MAP Testing

Hawthorn Middle South will be MAP Testing from Monday, May 1st through Friday, May 12th.  Please be sure students are on time, get a good night’s sleep and have a healthy breakfast during testing and try to keep appointments during testing to after school if possible.

Boys Track

Over the weekend the 7th grade boys took 2nd out of 22 teams and the 8th grade boys took 3rd at the Ross Gantt at Grayslake Central.

6th-8th grade boys track winners from the Ross Gantt invite track meet last Saturday at Grayslake High School.
Boys are off to a great start this season and we are excited to see how far they will go this season!

Attention Parents of Incoming 6th Grade Students for the 2017-2018 School Year

Please see the attached invite for 6th Grade Orientation on Thursday, April 20th

2017 Incoming 6th Grade Parent Invite

Walking the Walk

The Hawthorn Middle School South Student Council has been busy this year fundraising.

From 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Saturday, April 22 at Middle School South, 600 N. Aspen Drive, Vernon Hills, students and other participants will carry on their heads plastic gallon jugs filled with water, symbolizing the difficult task that women and children endure daily in other parts of the world. Students practiced the walk during physical education classes.

Earlier this year, the group collected 1,300 items of non-perishable food items to donate to Vernon Township and the Midwest Veterans Closet.

Community members interested in donating to this cause should make their check out to District 73 –  Water Walk. The money is donated to the WE.org which supports plans to bring clean water supplies to international regions where there is currently no clean water.

Personalized Learning

When learning is personalized for students, they become the leaders of their own learning and work at a pace that’s right for each of them. Hawthorn teachers have been working on the Guaranteed Viable Curriculum (GVC) for the last three years, which identifies our desired results for all students. Personalized learning experiences allow students to approach the GVC in a way that will make them successful. To enhance their learning experiences, Hawthorn middle school students will be issued a Chromebook next year. This tool will expand opportunities for personalized learning both within and outside of the classroom to meet their individual needs and inspire a love for learning.

Please click here to read more about the direction in which Hawthorn is heading.

Student Council-Water Bottle Collection

Students and staff members have been collecting plastic water bottles to bring in for recycling.  While the school has a regular recycling program, this was an additional effort put forth in honor of Earth Day, which is on April 22 this year.  There was a friendly competition amongst homerooms, and in the end, Mrs. Humboldt’s 6th grade homeroom won the contest, with a total donation of 493 bottles!  In all, 2,893 water bottles were saved from landfills, and were given to Waste Management.  For their effort, Mrs. Humboldt’s students won a special pizza party, which will take place in the near future.  Pictured below are Student Council Executive Board members and Homeroom Representatives, who sponsored the effort.


Water Jug Fundraiser

In a small way, Hawthorn Middle School South students will re-enact what it’s like for millions of women and children to carry jugs of water on their heads for up to 8 hours from local rivers each day, only to bring their family polluted water.  Many children are unable to attend school, as this is their most important job for their family’s survival.

From 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. on Saturday, April 22 (Earth Day!) at Middle School South, 600 N. Aspen Drive, Vernon Hills, students and other participants will carry plastic gallon jugs filled with water on their heads, walking a mile loop course as many times as possible.   This will symbolize the difficult task that women and children endure daily in other parts of the world.  Each jug will weigh 8 pounds filled, whereas jugs used in “ real life” weigh 40 pounds each.  This is an outdoor event, weather permitting.

The Hawthorn Middle School South Student Council organized the event using guidelines provided by WE.org. WE is a movement that brings people together and gives them the tools to change the world. WE helps pay to build water systems throughout the world. The Student Council is hoping to raise $10,000 to help further this cause.  From 11:00 – 12:00 noon, participants will regroup to enjoy refreshments, prizes and entertainment.

Community members interested in donating to this cause should make their check out to District 73 – Water Walk.  All money collected will be donated to WE.org, to bring clean water supplies to international regions where there is currently no clean water.  Any questions may be directed to April Foley, at 847 990-4135.

Is Smoking Done Once and for All?

Volume 2- April, 2017

South Side Students Speak Out: Is Smoking Done Once and for All?

By Nivi (7th Grade)

Could you imagine if we lived in a smoke-free world? With the world expanding with new technologies, it is hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle and also be aware of our surroundings. With cigarettes being out there for a long time, all the way from the mid-1800s, people start to smoke at a younger age. This means people start smoking when they are a teen. With this being said, there are only a few choices that would help people quit smoking and live a better life, and the best one would be: ban smoking. The best place to start this is in schools and colleges. There are many schools that allow students to smoke, but only in designated areas of the campus.  That is why many students of the University Nebraska-Lincoln showed support for the smoking ban. We can all agree that this is the best place to start a comprehensive smoking ban.

This was all started in the student election at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL), where a majority voted that they wanted to end smoking. About 4,200 students responded to the Association of Students of the University of Nebraska, ASUN, survey on March 8th, 2017.  More than 2,200 students indicated their support for the smoking ban on UNL’s campus, while only 1,300 students said they wanted to allow smoking in certain areas – the current policy of the campus. Although there were two different groups of people who suggested different solutions, there were a handful who didn’t want to make a big deal about it. “Another 687 students said UNL should not have any policy restricting the use of smoking tobacco and e-cigarettes on campus, according to survey results” (Dunker 2017). This shows that not everyone is up for changing the world, and and some want the freedom to use a product they know is hazardous to their bodies, which also happens to be one source of cancer.

Everyone knows cancer is unpredictable and could cost your life at times. Scott Schenkelberg is a UNL senior and also a member of the ASUN who started a survey and was pleased with the end results. He likes to see that a majority wanted to see some sort of changes to the campus and its policies. The best part is that not only the students get to be part of the survey. The mentors could also be part of the survey, and by mentors, we mean their teachers. “Schenkelberg said a similar survey completed by faculty and staff also showed support for the smoking ban on campus” (Dunker 2017). It is not only meant for students. With a different age group taking the survey, everyone could learn and benefit from the survey. The survey not only helps teens quit smoking, but also teaches important life lessons. The ASUN leaders plan to send a letter encouraging Chancellor Ronnie Green to take action on the UNL’s smoking policy. Schenkelberg and the other students and staff hope that the survey brings a new policy. “If Green moves forward with the change in policy, UNL will join more than 1,700 universities that have banned the use of smoke-producing tobacco on campus, according to Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights” (Dunker 2017). If this all worked out as planned, the world is up for a new change that could be impactful in many ways that will shape the future of who we are.

If this world ended up being smoke-free, there would be fewer deaths, as cancer is a major illness that often causes death. It will cause less pollution and therefore, there would be a slight difference in climate change, which could possibly slow down global warming. If smoking ban was introduced to college students, this would be much easier, as they are more likely to smoke than an average adult. This doesn’t only teach teens not to smoke, but also adults who could change their habits by learning from these students. Although many smokers smoke to relieve stress, there are plenty other ways to relieve stress without smoking or harming the Earth. If smoking was no longer an issue, this would be a new revolution for the world. So do you want to be part of the generation that ends smoking?