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Students in art class

Students in Ms. Benton’s art class at Middle School South were busy with different assignments today. Some created bowls on potter’s wheels, some drew with colored pencils, while others painted with acrylics. What a talented group.

art box

Sixth-grade students in art classes at Middle School South are making treasure boxes in the Art Nouveau style using Gustav Klimt, an Austrian artist from the early 20th century, as an influence. The cigar boxes used for this project were donated by Ken and Julie Neumann of Libertyville. The students love the boxes.

Middle School South participated in the Illinois Music Education Association’s Junior Honor Music Festival on Saturday, Nov. 3 at Schaumburg High School. Fifteen Middle South students from Band, Orchestra, and Chorus worked with guest conductors Chris Gleason (with Patrick Marsh Middle School), Tim Fredstrom (with Illinois State University), and Frank Lestina (with Vernon Hills High School) who is retired. Students rehearsed and performed a concert at the end of the day with students from surrounding schools.

Middle South Orchestra:
8th Graders: Jeffrey B., Evelyn L., Sarah L., David W.
7th Graders: Noah K., Madelyn W.
Middle South Band:
8th Grader: Ryan C.
Middle South Chorus: 
8th Graders: Abby B., Sofia B., Ashley H., Hary J., Ava O.
7th Graders: Amelia F., Amira P., Tyler S., Sarah Z.
Students in Classroom

Students in Mrs. Hill’s social studies class at Middle School South were excited to play Quizlet Live to review for their upcoming test. This is a great study tool and review tool for the kids. This tool allows students to work in collaborative groups to study the information in a fun and engaging way! It is a race to the finish.


Seventh grade students were able to experience “taxation without representation” firsthand in Mrs. Hill’s social studies class.  Mrs. Hill dressed as King George III and taxed the kids throughout their lesson on the Intolerable Acts.

Ellis Island Simulation

What was it like for people immigrating to the United States when they passed through Ellis Island, once the country’s busiest immigration and inspection station? Eighth-grade social studies students at Middle School South got a chance to experience Ellis Island for themselves. They filled out forms, waited in line for health screenings, and answered questions about their background and character. Most got to recite the loyalty oath, but some were deported.

Fireman Tony with the Countryside Fire Department gave a presentation on fire safety to sixth-grade science classes at Middle School South. He spoke about the importance of changing batteries in fire detectors every six months, and installing a fire detector on every level of a home. He also spoke about sprinklers and how they release 15 gallons of water per minute when they are activated.  Using a mobile demonstration unit, he showed how quickly a fire can be stopped by a single sprinkler.

On the evening of Friday, September 7th, the 8th grade band students from Hawthorn Middle South joined the Middle North 8th graders to play a combined performance with the VHHS Pep Band at the football game in Vernon Hills.

This is an annual event, preceded by a barbecue, lots of laughter, and the new experiences that come with joining the high schoolers as they get a taste of Band next year as Freshmen.

Lots of music, lots of smiles, and and wonderful time was had by all!  Thanks to Randy Sundell (director), Drew Russell (asst. director) and all the parents who helped serve dinner and take care of the kids!  Thanks to all the parents who allowed their children to experience a little taste of high school!  


Dear Families-

2018-2019 middle school schedules were made available to you in PowerSchool on June 13. If you have not already done so, please log in to your parent portal ( and access this information. We will not be distributing paper copies at the residency event. If you are experiencing difficulties accessing the parent portal, please contact the district office at (847) 990 – 4200.

Should you have questions related to your student’s schedule, please access our online course request form no later than August 7th. This form can be accessed by clicking here or on our Middle School South School Webpage. If you have any difficulties accessing the course request form, please contact the Middle School South office at (847) 990 – 4100.

It is crucial that you review this information and submit any inquiries prior to August 7th to ensure that we have time to review your request and contact you with a response prior to the start of the school year.

We look forward to welcoming our students back in just a few weeks.

Mr. Natale & Mrs. Kahn

Last week, the Middle South Orchestras performed a concert at the school’s Open House.  The piece, Dancing in the Air, was arranged specifically for the Middle South orchestra by the composer Edgar Gabriel (an Elmhurst College violin professor). The students had the unique experience of collaborating with a living composer as he arranged the piece. Through the process, he visited Middle School South to explain how he creates new compositional ideas and works with the students on their “groove.” Dancing in the Air featured eighth graders Sophia K. and Evan S. on electric instrument solos and Jean L. on drums.
Student presents project

Sixth-grade students in Ms. Corush’s language arts classes at Middle School South are learning how to give presentations and build their speaking skills through a multi-genre research project. This assignment focuses on personalized learning so the students could choose whichever topic they wanted as well as how they wanted to present the information researched. Students did not write a traditional research paper, but instead, wrote research using various genres they chose. Each student had up to seven minutes to present his/her topic to the classroom. Some topics include the Titanic, Lyme disease, Ellen Degeneres, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Michael Phelps. Classmates asked good questions, which the presenters answered with ease.