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Looking for something to do this summer? Vernon hills High School is offering cross country summer camp for eighth graders/ incoming freshman!

Students dissect a sheep's eye

Ms. Robinson’s eighth grade students ended their “In a New Light” unit by dissecting the eye of a sheep. The students have been doing activities that involve learning something new, how we remember things using our different senses, how we perceive light and objects, and how the structure of our eye affects how we perceive the world we live in. As the students were dissecting the eye, they were able to recall the different structures of the eye and their functions along with what structure cows and sheeps have that humans do not. This was a great way to end the year!

teachers versus students in competition

Teachers and students had loads of fun competing against each other at yesterday’s Scholastic Bowl competition. In the beginning the teachers had an edge. But that edge quickly disappeared as students quickly answered a series of questions that stumped the teachers. The final score was: Students: 145; Teachers: 110.

students listening to presentation

Should the Vernon Hills Police Department add a canine unit? As part of a unit on persuasion, students in Middle School South’s sixth-grade writing classes wrote letters to the Village of Vernon Hills, describing why they felt such a unit was needed. Vernon Hills Police chief, Patrick Kreis, read all the letters and provided feedback to about 100 students yesterday. In addition, Officer Paret, who previously served as the District’s school resource officer, talked about his experiences as a canine officer.

student learning about the school

Fifth-grade students from several elementary schools took a tour of Middle School South yesterday so they could begin to familiarize themselves with the building they will attend in the fall. A select group of Middle School South students provided them with tips about daily life at the middle school and took them on a tour. They visited the gym, art room, the STEM room, the consumer technology room and other areas. They also learned about the wide range of clubs, from chess to the Battle of the Books club, and sports teams they could join. In this way, they are better prepared when this school becomes their home in the fall.

Track meet winners

Congratulations to the Middle School South girls who scored big at the State track meet this weekend. Eighth grader Rose S. won first place in the 800 meter run (time of 2:20) and got second in the mile (5:18)! Seventh grader Emma F. won third place in the mile, despite being in the slower heat (time of 5:26), and fifth place in the 800 meter (2:28). #D73inspires

students at Pep Rally

Middle School South’s Pep Rally on Friday featured several wonderful performances, contests and a guessing game involving the three retiring staff, Ms. Burton, Mr. Kleinschmidt and Mr. Gomez. The sixth-grade orchestra delivered a splendid rendition of “Crystal Moon” and the Guitar Club played a number of fast and fun pieces.

students run the K

In recognition of their championships, the Middle School South girls soccer and softball teams ran the “K” this morning. Congratulations to our champions.

students reviewing things from the past

Today in Mrs. Byrne, Mrs. Corush, and Miss Eiter’s Language Arts classrooms, students built more schema on how life in the 1940s might be like.  Rotating around various stations, students looked at pictures of fashion of men and women from shirts and dresses to pants, suits, and shoes.  They also listened to Glenn Miller’s Big Band music and watched videos on the jitterbug.  Finally, students learned about the inventions of silly putty and aerosol cans and how they were meant for World War II.  Students created a Venn Diagram and shared ideas with each other and the classroom.  The classes will be able to use this background knowledge as they read their last anchor test of the year: “Stepping on the Cracks” by Mary Downing Hahn. 

Cook Library Logo

Cook Library District recently announced the winners of the 13th Annual Creative Writing Contest. This year the contest had over 150 entries. Winning students and their families will attend a special event at the Aspen Drive Library to receive their certificates and copies of the library’s 10th edition of a journal with the winning entries. The winning students at Hawthorn Middle School South are as follows:

Colette K.: Aeternum
Orlando J.: Virginia, My New Home
Tyler P.: Five Minutes
Clara S.: The Sound of a New World
Aanya G.: A Second Chance for Humankind


The cast and crew of “Oklahoma” gave amazing performances last Friday and Saturday!  The performers truly brought their characters to life. After 29 successful years, a huge shout out to Mr. Kleinschmidt, as he directed his final musical.  A special thank you to the following staff for their dedication to our students and for providing them with a great extra-curricular experience:

  • Ms. Klein – music director and choreography 
  • Mr. Crandall – set construction
  • Ms. Baittie – costumes, makeup, hair
  • Ms. Wilgus – lights and sound
  • Ms. Corush – set painting 
  • Mr. Jaramillo – set design and t-shirts
Students rehearsing

Monday was a dress rehearsal for Middle School South’s production of “Getting to Know…Oklahoma”. Everyone helped each other as the performers put on makeup and got their hair in the right style. It was all smiles as students brought their characters to life on stage.